Abacus Lighting
Our sports lighting systems are amongst the best in the world. These sports columns come ready fitted with cabinets which include control gear and connection boxes, making installation on site fast and easy.
Sport column 8-12m fixed column

Sport column

8-12m Fixed column

Fully fitted & wired columns
The columns are delivered to site ready fitted with either 1kW or 2kW control gear, complete with a connection box incorporating 16A single or twin MCBs (miniature circuit breakers).

The 2.5mm² floodlight flex (or flexes) is wired into the connection box and fed up through the column, looped securely at the column top in preparation for installation.

Fixed Sports Columns: 8-12m

The fully fitted fixed columns are supplied with 1kW or 2kW control gear installed either in the column base (1 set in 12m column only) or in the custom designed galvanised steel box which is fitted to the column base.
Full details of the Mini Circuit Breakers and electrical layout can be found in the Floodlight Schematic Wiring Diagrams.

Section A-A Control gear box details

Maximum external dimensions of the gear cabinet are 775(h) x 250(w) x 283(d) mm

Fixed Sport Column

Technical data for columns & masts
The performance data for columns and masts gives their basic technical attributes only. The technical performance of a column or mast will be affected by local site conditions (terrain type, distance to sea, site altitude, windspeed) and the headload being carried.

Please Contact the Abacus Technical team to confirm the suitability of a column or mast for your application.

Product Code Height No. Sets of Gear 1kW or 2kW No. of MCBs Medium / Heavy Duty Max. Head Weight inc. Bracket Weight with Gear (approx) Single Flood Bracket Twin Flood Bracket
TB088/H/E111 8m 1 1kW 1 Heavy 60kg 140kg FL4/1 FL4/3
TB088/H/E212 8m 2 1kW 2 Heavy 60kg 160kg FL4/1 FL4/3
TB108/H/SP/E111 10m 1 1kW 1 Heavy 60kg 190kg FL3/1 FL3/3
TB108/H/SP/E212 10m 2 1kW 2 Heavy 60kg 210kg FL3/1 FL3/3
TB108/H/SP/E121 10m 1 2kW 1 Heavy 64kg 190kg FL3/1 FL3/3
TB108/H/SP/E222 10m 2 2kW 2 Heavy 64kg 210kg FL3/1 FL3/3
TB128/H/SP/E111 12m 1 1kW 1 Heavy 60kg 215kg FL4/1 FL7/3
TB128/H/SP/E212 12m 2 1kW 2 Heavy 60kg 252kg FL4/1 FL7/3
TB128/H/SP/E121 12m 1 2kW 1 Heavy 60kg 215kg FL4/1 FL7/3
TB128/H/SP/E222 12m 2 2kW 2 Heavy 60kg 252kg FL4/1 FL7/3
Where a column is to be ordered with the gear box but without control gear or MCBs, the code will be TBxxxE000
NOTE: With a flange plate the column weights will vary a little.