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Green commitment

Abacus Green commitment
We use power intelligently and responsibly. Our advanced LED systems give you more light for less power, saving carbon and cost. They’re built to last, with an impressive lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. They stay cool too, so they’re safer in public spaces, and don’t emit harmful infra-red radiation or ultra violet rays. We’ve found ingenious new ways of directing light exactly where it’s wanted without glare or overspill. And digital controls mean you can manage when and where your lights shine.

The interplay of light and shadow has fascinated artists and designers for centuries. And that’s something we share at Abacus. Flexible and controllable, our LED products are designed for specific tasks or sophisticated effects. Used with flair and expertise, they can literally cast a space or built environment in a different light, revealing visual gems and unexpected beauty. What’s more, our sleek streamlined lights are objects of desire in their own right. Taking their design cues from nature, they feature elegant, flowing lines, and are constructed with refined materials and finishes.