Abacus Lighting
Abacus offers a wide range of paint finishes designed to suit the requirements of our customers. The following finishes are applied to the column once the column has been hot dip galvanised in accordance with the British and European standard, EN1461. Many of the paint finishes are applied at Abacus’ paint shop facility.
Paint shop facility

Paint shop facility

Column finishing & protection options

Finish Code Specification
Spray Paint Finish /2Pxxxx Standard Abacus finish comprises a compliant 2-pack acrylic spray paint finish applied over the column. 190 micron wet film thickness, minimum 120 micron dry film thickness. xxxx denotes customer RAL choice.
Required durability of system: No maintenance in first 8 years, minor maintenance between years 8 to 15, major maintenance after 15 years.
Marine Environment Finish /MCxxxx A highly durable finish applied to galvanised columns to be located in or near marine (saline and corrosive) atmospheric conditions. System type: spray paint 2-pack glass reinforced epoxy finish is applied to the column, then followed by a poly siloxane coating. xxxx denotes customer RAL choice.
Required durability of system: No maintenance in first 10 years, minor maintenance between years 10 to 25, major maintenance after 25 years.
Sika Long Life Finish /SKxxxx A one coat paint system is applied manually over the column or mast (favoured by telecoms mast companies) on a mordant finished (T-wash) column or mast surface. Excellent corrosion protection even in a chemically agressive atmosphere. Excellent shade colour retention. Non-brittling due to a unique binder combination. xxxx denotes customer RAL choice.
Required durability of system: Minimum maintenance anticipated during the system’s expected 20+ year life.
Polyester Powder Coat /xxxx To form a polyester powder coating, only the paint solids are sprayed onto the product, in an atomised powder form. The powder is drawn to the product and adheres due to an electrostatic charge applied to the powder during spraying. The column is then heated to 200 degrees Celsius in an oven, forcing the powder to fuse to the product, forming a smooth, tough and resilient coating. This provides an even and durable finish over the galvanised steel surface. xxxx denotes customer RAL choice.
Required durability of system: Long life system with excellent weather-proof characteristics. Damaged areas cannot, however, be repaired due to the nature of the coating.
Anti-graffiti / Anti-fly Poster Coating /AGxxxx This anti-graffiti non stick surface coating, when combined with a suitable cleaning technology, allows the removal of graffiti without altering the original surface finish. The coating provides a 70 micron dry film finish, and has a textured surface. The system is highly resistant to many different kinds of marker pens and aerosols, as well as providing a non-stick surface to deter fly posters, and offers a hard wearing surface finish. AGxxxx denotes customer RAL choice.
Required durability of system: Long term life of 25-30 years. Available in RAL, BS or any special colour available.
G1 System /G1 A Highways Agency specification which provides for a 3-coat (including mordant T-wash on galvanised surface) painted root.
Highways Agency specified 4 and 5-coat systems applied manually over the full length of the column.
Heat Shrink
Root Sleeve
/RS Root sleeve heat applied to the root of the column, designed to give excellent protection against corrosion. Comprising of, amongst other materials, a polyethelene and fusion bonded epoxy, it can be applied to the root and first 200mm of the exposed column.
Bitumen Root /GB Black bitumen coating is applied to the column root, to a height of xxmm above ground level (unless otherwise specified). Benefits: Additional protection of the root against corrosion.