Abacus Lighting
Abacus base-hinged masts do exactly what they say on the tin: raise and lower from ground level up to a height of 50 metres. There are eight models to choose from - mainly used to mount floodlights, CCTV cameras, wind turbines and compact communication devices.
Base-Hinged Raising and Lowering Masts


Raising and lowering masts

Since the first model was introduced over 40 years ago, Abacus base-hinged masts have become some of our most popular products worldwide. Robust, simple to install and easily accessible, they’re incredibly cost-effective - especially since they require minimal ongoing Maintenance.

The unique operating system - the first and still best of its kind on the market - is as safe as it is simple, with its gravity lock and quick-lowering mechanism.

Why base-hinged?
  • Quick and simple to assemble and install - up to three times faster than fixed or winch-lowering models
  • Safe - no climbing, as all maintenance and floodlight adjustments can be done at ground level

  • Virtually maintenance free - thanks to straightforward design and robust engineering
  • Attractive - with no ladder or platform to interrupt the mast’s clean, modern lines
  • Versatile - with eight models, all designed for different load weights
  • Particularly suitable for high-wind or hurricane-prone zones, as masts can be lowered in advance of storms.

All masts are designed to the British High Mast standard, Institution of Lighting Engineers’ Technical Report No. 7. All models are hot-dip galvanised to ISO EN 1461. Base-hinged raising and lowering masts with gravity locks are installed and operated using an independent hydraulic cylinder counterbalance unit.
Base-hinged Mast Ranges

Technical data for columns & masts
The performance data for columns and masts gives their basic technical attributes only. The technical performance of a column or mast will be affected by local site conditions (terrain type, distance to sea, site altitude, windspeed) and the headload being carried.

Please Contact the Abacus Technical team to confirm the suitability of a column or mast for your application.