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Bristow is the largest helicopter-operating company in the world. Their site at Norwich Airport, which contains a total of 12 helipads, takes passengers to and from the North Sea oil rigs all year round.
Bristow Helipad, UK

Case study - Bristow Helipad, UK

Bristow Helipad, UK

When it came to redeveloping their facility and adding a new hangar, Bristow needed a lighting upgrade that would combine excellent performance with minimal glare - an essential consideration when pilots are taking off or landing at night.

Masts also had to be installed around the perimeter of the site without encroaching onto the runway or controlled air space. Low-maintenance base‑hinged masts and Rhea floodlights with integrated baffles were the ideal solution.

A combination of eleven 15m, 25m and 35m masts were installed and painted in the airfield’s standard red and white, with warning lights on top for low-flying craft. Our lighting design, which directs a pool of light onto the circular apron, ensures that helicopter pilots can always see ground staff clearly when taxiing, enabling all other tasks to continue quickly and safely (cleaning, refuelling, off-loading passengers and freight, etc.).