Abacus Lighting
A prestigious project at one of the busiest airports in the north of England, requiring a total cut-off lantern with maximum performance.
Leeds Bradford Airport, UK

Case study - Leeds Bradford Airport, UK

Pegasus 2 takes off

Replacing the original Pegasus lantern, the new Pegasus 2 still offers a flat glass solution to large area lighting but with improved functionality and aesthetics. Using groundbreaking, patented ORS optics, Pegasus 2 can provide significant opportunities to reduce a project’s column numbers and associated costs.

How have we improved the Pegasus functionality and aesthetics? We’ve incorporated the new base casting, as featured on the Orion 2 and Orion 3 lanterns, which allows control gear to be housed internally. This casting in combination with a revised polycarbonate bowl has enhanced its visual appeal for any large area application. In addition we've added an easy release clamp system, which provides quick removal of the lantern canopy, allowing maintenance to be carried out swiftly and easily.

Optimum Reflector System

Pegasus 2 is a refreshing new option for our customers in the retail and leisure sectors, where the Pegasus has become a popular choice. However, it is also ideal for installation near airports, environmentally sensitive areas or anywhere else that qualifies as environmental zone E1. Within this zone only lanterns emitting a 0% upward light ratio (ULOR) are permitted. The full cut-off beam ensures that the Pegasus 2 fulfils this criterion, whilst supplying a high level of performance.

"Here at Leeds Bradford International Airport, we have had a very close working relationship with Abacus Lighting for over eight years. Our approved contractor scheme continually monitors the quality and reputation of each service provider that we employ, and I am pleased to say Abacus have always delivered a quality product, on time with full flexibility.

Within our Long Stay car park we have specified the Pegasus lantern, which offers flat glass and shield properties, hence preventing upward light spillage and overspill, which is a very critical factor for an airport. Aesthetically the fitting suits our modern image and would look pleasing to the eye in any environment. Abacus recruit very friendly employees who continually strive to give good customer service, technical or non-technical, both before and after installation. All in all, Abacus provides a very professional service, which Leeds Bradford Airport values as our preferred supplier."

David Marshall Airport Maintenance Manager