Abacus Lighting
A Grade II listed building requires a sensitive, flexible approach when it comes to additions and refurbishments - and exterior lighting is no exception.
Case study - Wilson Marriage Centre, UK

Case study - Wilson Marriage Centre, UK

Wilson Marriage Centre, UK

That’s why the Essex County Council chose Abacus to light the Wilson Marriage Centre - a centralised adult learning facility in the heart of Colchester. Our diverse experience - from illuminating sharp, urban spaces to heritage environments - gave us the knowledge, experience and insight to light the car park and paths around the college in keeping with its old-world charm.

The perfect solution was the Concept Classic - an elegant, subtle and versatile lantern that can be mounted on either decorative wall brackets, or fixed or base-hinged columns. Thanks to variable-beam reflector technology, this option also enabled us to change the lighting intensity and distribution according to the specific placement of each individual unit.