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High-mast lighting is rarely a simple matter; but at Abacus, we’ve developed a suite of flexible products that will suit virtually any situation - no matter how complex.
High Mast Lighting Systems

High mast systems

High mast lighting systems
Download our Buyers guide to high mast lighting systems and identify fixed, base hinged, lowering headframe and telescopic and identify key benefits for each.

We can also design bespoke structures and can assist in the structural design process. Not just for lighting applications - but wind and CCTV/Telecoms too.

High mast lighting product range

Technical data for columns & masts
The performance data for columns and masts gives their basic technical attributes only. The technical performance of a column or mast will be affected by local site conditions (terrain type, distance to sea, site altitude, windspeed) and the headload being carried.

Please Contact the Abacus Technical team to confirm the suitability of a column or mast for your application.