Abacus Lighting
Delivering excellence in engineering and lighting design since 1958.

History and People

The world was a very different place when Abacus started trading in 1958. Manufacturing was the backbone of the British economy, a good salary for a senior engineer was £7 a week and if you drove a third-generation 37bhp Morris Minor, you were the envy of all your neighbours.

Wartime restrictions had plunged Britain’s streets into darkness for well over six years; and even when the limitations were lifted in 1954, the state of street lighting left much to be desired. Indeed, much of it was still gas-powered. The government recognised that things needed to change; and a programme of improvement began. The major players at Abacus (or NORMID as we were then called) saw their opportunity and took it - and the design and manufacture of lighting columns and street furniture launched our name in the UK.

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The Abacus Advantage