Abacus Lighting
All Abacus floodlighting systems in the UK come with the option of a comprehensive 10-year maintenance programme, assuring you hassle-free long-term servicing on your investment. In contrast to many standalone plans from other providers, Abacus takes a proactive approach to make sure your lighting remains in optimum condition throughout the decade and beyond.
Plus-10 sports lighting maintenance

Plus-10 sports lighting maintenance

Abacus Plus-10 plans include:

  • Regular floodlight cleaning and alignment checking
  • Replacement of prematurely failed lamps
  • Regular electrical test and inspection report
  • Regular preventative mast and foundation maintenance
  • Regular illuminance check in accordance with BS EN 12193:2007

All maintenance is carried out by authorised Abacus service technicians and prices include labour and parts. Better still, you can renew your plan after 10 years.

Contact us for full details of Abacus Plus-10 plans.