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Telescopic floodlighting masts change the south London skyline

London, England: February 2009

Pre-wired Telescopic mast

The south London skyline was changed on Thursday February 18th 2009, when the first of 4 telescopic floodlighting masts was raised into the air under its own steam. Or in this case, by means of a sophisticated hydraulic mechanism lifting 200kW of lighting power above The Brit Oval’s OCS stand.

The 20 tonne structure was delivered by road from the Abacus factory in Nottinghamshire, before the 3 principal sections were assembled on site behind the stand. The mast had been internally pre-wired before leaving the factory, allowing the installation to proceed more swiftly than a standard fixed mast of 48m height.

The mast was run through its paces, raising the headframe and its 80+ Challenger® 3 stadium floodlights from its lowered height of 29m to just under 50m, its full operating height. Heads were turned down the Kennington Oval as the headframe gracefully rose high into the air.

The full installation will be completed and commissioned in time for the ICC World Twenty20 championships in June, which will be held at The Brit Oval, Lords and Trent Bridge. Trent Bridge was floodlit by Abacus in 2008; Lords Cricket Ground will also benefit from the Abacus telescopic mast and floodlighting system in time for the ICC World Twenty20 championships.

Telescopic mast in raised position

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