Abacus Lighting

Company Statement

Orion Car Park luminaire.

Nottinghamshire: June 2012

We are aware of competitors in the marketplace, offering 3rd party replacement components for high performing Abacus fittings, including our market leading Orion Car Park and Open Area fitting.

These replacement components are not approved by Abacus in any form and any deviation away from the original product design will impact on the performance, lighting levels and safety which Orion delivers. The CE marking for the product relates to the Orion in its original configuration using the high quality components as specified by Abacus. Abacus will not accept any liability or responsibility for any product that has been modified outside of its original design.

Orion is a very efficient fitting delivering exceptionally high performance, hence it is the luminaire of choice for Car Park and Open Areas. We fully understand the market requirements to reduce energy and we are currently working on a solution to be able offer this saving without the negative impact on the installation.

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