Abacus Lighting

Important Notice

Unauthorised training courses for base hinged columns & masts

Nottinghamshire: July 2018

It has come to our attention that a number of companies are offering unauthorised training courses for the operation of Abacus base-hinged columns and masts. Our range is unique to Abacus and our training courses are designed specifically to ensure the safe operation of these products.

It is a warranty requirement that all personnel wishing to operate these systems has completed an Abacus certified training course delivered by our experienced and qualified trainers. In addition, the counterbalance unit which is required to raise / lower these columns and masts MUST be returned to Abacus every 2 years for inspection, repair and re-certification.

Our products are subject to continuous development and improvement, in order to ensure that you are fully trained and understand how these changes may affect the operation of these products, please speak to an official Abacus representative.

For any product training requirements, or to ensure that your counterbalance is safe and compliant, please contact Abacus on:

+44 (0)1623 511 111 or [email protected]

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