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Dubai golf course to become region’s first LED lit field

A full retrofit for top Dubai golf course

Dubai: January 2019

"Abacus are proud to be part of the LED upgrade project at Emirates Golf Club and Dubai Creek. Our true retro-fit solution gives a quality of light suitable for international tournaments and also provides up to 60% in energy reduction. This falls in line with the regions commitment to achieving a 30% energy reduction by 2030." Garry Parsonage, Export Manager.

An article detailing the project was published by ArabianIndustry.com as follows:

Etihad Energy Service Company (Etihad ESCO) partnered with Abacus Lighting to fully retrofit Dubai Golf‘s 18-hole golf course to replace its existing metal halide solution with LED lighting. The new sustainable lighting system is set to improve the overall quality of light across the golf course, covering a total area of approximate 564,850m2 and bring up to 60% energy savings for the company.

The championship golf course is the first in the region that has moved to LED lighting technology with the installation to be done in an efficient manner featuring a base-hinged system during the replacement of floodlights to ensure the greens and fairways are well maintained and plays are not disrupted.

It will use one of the lightest high-performance LED floodlights in the market, weighing only 22 kilograms, including an integrated driver. The lighting system is expected to give light to the course for up to 15 years.

Ali Al Jassim, CEO, Etihad ESCO, said "luxury leisure and recreation venues are one of the high energy consumer and this move signifies the increasing awareness towards energy sustainability in the UAE."

He said: "Our strategic agreement with Dubai Golf to implement the first LED lighting retrofit in a golf course in the region is a welcome move that shows leadership in promoting energy efficiency and we commend the company for taking this important step. This partnership further supports the Emirate‘s efforts to achieve 30% reduction in energy consumption by 2030."

Abacus Lighting, which will install the LED lights, has been working for more than a year to create multiple design options that will ensure the project will be implemented with the optimum solution in line with Dubai Golf‘s requirements, primarily considering the quality of light, energy consumption and ease of implementation.

Christopher May, CEO, Dubai Golf, commented: "It is only fitting that we shift to a more ecologically sustainable lighting system and we are excited to be the first in the region to have a LED-lit 18-hole golf course that also contributes to attaining Dubai‘s vision to become a truly sustainable city."

Retrofitting buildings and facilities with LED lighting technologies is a major energy efficiency initiative that can help significantly save energy by up to 50%.

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Dubai Golf course to become region's first LED lit field


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