Abacus Lighting

Glossop North End A.F.C

Lighting solution for Glossop North football club

Glossop: March 2019


Glossop North End A.F.C. were in need of a top class floodlighting system for their football pitch.

With their existing masts being over 25 years old, they were reaching the end of their design life and needed to be replaced.

With a new housing development nearby, light control was pivotal in getting the project through planning.


  • Six Base-hinged Abacus HL250 masts
  • Challenger 1® luminairies
  • Lighting level: 200 lux

Centre mast offset to achieve specific scheme requirements.

Product Overview

Challenger 1® Floodlights:

  • Reduced light overspill and glare with excellent forward throw of light
  • Multiple options for effective light distribution. Adjustable lamp holder offers three variations of peak beam elevation

HL250 Base-hinged masts:

  • Quickly and safely lowers to ground level
  • Maintain with no requirement for equipment hire or working at height
  • 25 year lifecycle

Floodlighting solution at Glossop North A.F.C

Footballers in action at Glossop North A.F.C

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