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Matravers School

LED lighting solution for new sports pitch

Wiltshire: September 2019


Matravers School is a secondary school and sixth form located in Wiltshire, UK.

In 2017 a number of significant improvements were made to the sporting facilities at the school. These included resurfacing outdoor courts and installing synthetic turf on the pitches. This provided a wider range of sports for both the school and local community.

A sports lighting solution was also needed to enable the school to host evening sports sessions for a number of different activities.


  • 8 x AAA-LUX WS-Series LED floodlights
  • 8 x Abacus fixed columns
The high performance AAA-LUX LED floodlight provides excellent light control. With multiple dimming and switching options, the school is now able to control the lighting to meet the needs of whichever sport is being played.

This LED lighting system provides significant savings in running costs thanks to the flexible dimming and instant start-up, meaning the school can reduce their power consumption and CO² emissions.

CB2.0 - Control box 2

The AAA-LUX range of floodlighting supports a host of features to help meet your exact requirements; such as, smart devices, wireless push button boxes and proximity sensors at entry gates. These signals are fed into the control box to activate pre-programmed lighting scenes.

Product Overview

AAA-LUX WS-Series LED floodlights:

  • Specifically designed for sports lighting
  • Instant start-up
  • Flexible dimming allows lighting levels to be reduced for training and orientation purposes
  • Suitable for outdoor and harsh conditions
  • Lightest weight on the market at just 22kg

LED lighting solution for new sports pitch

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