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Eastcroft Depot

LED retrofit for Eastcroft Rail Depot

Nottingham: September 2019


Eastcroft Depot is a stabling point located within Nottingham city centre, and is one of three depots on the East Midlands Trains network. The depot carries out light maintenance of class 153, 156 and 158 fleet of trains, as well as overnight fuelling, servicing and vehicle preparation.

East Midlands Trains had a requirement to convert the existing high mast lighting system to LED. Abacus worked closely with Actemium on the project. Our specialist Maintenance Teams were also involved as the mast headframes needed to be lowered to ground level to allow Actemium to carry out their work.


  • AAA-LUX AL-Series LED floodlights
  • Indus City LED luminaires

AAA-LUX AL-Series floodlights were retrofitted onto the masts. With the improved light control of the AAA-LUX system it was possible to reduce the number of lighting points required whilst still achieving the required lighting levels. This reduction in lighting points combined with the new LED lighting source has introduced significant improvements in system efficiency and energy savings. Additional savings will be made through a reduction in maintenance costs.

For low-use and security purposes, there is the facility to dim the light levels to 10%. Ideal for an environment such as Eastcroft Depot, where security may require certain areas of the depot to be left partially lit to improve CCTV camera footage.

In addition to the AAA-LUX floodlights on the high masts, Indus City LED luminaires were mounted onto existing columns at the site.

Product Overview

AAA-LUX AL-Series LED floodlights

  • Instant start-up
  • Flexible dimming to 10% for low use & security
  • Suitable for outdoor and harsh conditions
  • Controllable via smart devices, touchscreen or wireless switch box

Indus LED luminaires:

  • Slimline and positive aesthetic
  • Equipped with an automatic anti-closing mechanism for safer assembly, installation and maintenance

LED retrofit for Eastcroft train depot LED retrofit for Eastcroft train depot

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