Abacus Lighting

Neville Hill Depot

LED retrofit for train maintenance depot

Leeds: October 2019


Neville Hill Train Maintenance Depot in Leeds, England, sits on the Leeds to Selby Line. Used for light and heavy maintenance and train storage, the depot employs over 400 people.

With an existing lighting system using metal halide (MH) floodlights, Neville Hill TMD were keen to move to an LED system whilst retaining the existing mast infrastructure.

As with any retrofit project, there are a number of considerations to take into account before replacing existing floodlights. Such as the headload capacity, age and condition of the masts, and the suitability of the electrical supply. With Abacus’ expertise in this area, the project was able to go ahead with confidence in the new system.


  • AAA-LUX AL-Series LED floodlights

The AAA-LUX AL-Series LED floodlights were retrofitted to the existing masts. Being a true one-for-one replacement for a MH 2kW floodlight combined with its low weight, a reduction in lighting points was made whilst still meeting the specific lighting levels required on site.

Flexible dimming down to 10% for low use & security gives substantial energy savings over traditional HID lamps, which is both financially and environmentally beneficial.

With inbuilt wireless, the system can be controlled remotely via smartphone, tablet, pc or switch boxes.

The Abacus Maintenance Team were also on hand to lower the masts for the client, Actemium, to work on.

Product Overview

AAA-LUX AL-Series LED floodlights:

  • Instant start-up

  • Flexible dimming to 10% for low use & security

  • Suitable for outdoor and harsh conditions

  • Controllable via smart devices, touchscreen or wireless switch box

CB2.0 - Control box 2:

The AAA-LUX range of floodlighting supports a host of features to help meet your exact requirements; such as control via smart devices, wireless button boxes and proximity sensors at entry gates. These signals are fed into the control box to activate pre-programmed lighting scenes.

LED retrofit for train maintenance depot LED retrofit for train maintenance depot AAA-LUX AL-Series LED floodlight

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