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Garon Castle Adventures

LED Quartz bollards installed at adventure golf course

Southend: October 2019


Opened in June 2019, Garon Castle Adventures is Southend’s latest adventure golf experience and already looks set to become a hugely popular destination for children and adults alike.

A lighting solution was needed which enabled visitors to play the adventure golf course in the evenings without detracting from the overall aesthetics of the course and its surroundings.


  • Quartz® LED bollards
  • 6m Abacus Raise & Lower Column - T061RLS
  • AL61001 luminaires

Abacus supplied and installed Quartz® LED bollards on the adventure golf course. With the bollard shaft made from tough CHS tubing and the LEDs protected behind a polycarbonate outer cylinder, there is no risk of damage from stray golf balls.

The internal louvre design of the bollard gives a controlled light output. This increases efficiency and effectively removes any upward light, overspill or glare.

With three beam patterns available; Asymmetric, Symmetric and Axial, the complex layout of the golf course could be lit in a very efficient manner.
The Quartz® LED Bollard optics last for over 50,000 hours use, which is around four times longer than conventional HID lamps. Should a bollard need a head replacement, this can be carried out easily with the bollard in situ as the head is secured to the shaft with three anti-tamper screws. This significantly reduces maintenance and replacement costs, ideal for a site like Garon Castle Adventures.

Product Overview

Quartz LED bollard:

  • Sturdy IP66 die-cast aluminium head unit with clear polycarbonate outer cylinder (UV stabilised)
  • Tough bollard shaft made from heavy duty steel CHS tubing
  • Black or silver textured polyester coating on bollard shaft and head-unit castings
  • Louvred light controller, with LED light pumped into and through the acrylic louvres, producing a controlled light output
  • Operational equipment housed in the bollard itself, using IP67 driver on a fully removable tray, with facility to loop in and loop out electric cabling
  • Emergency version available

LED Quartz bollards installed at adventure golf course LED Quartz bollards installed at adventure golf course

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