Abacus Lighting
Abacus have lit stadia all over the world, from Singapore to Austria. Our privileged partnerships in markets worldwide gives you all the benefits of local service along with the knowledge, experience and quality that come with the international Abacus brand.
Stadia lighting

Stadia lighting

Stadia lighting

Our world-class design and engineering skills means we can design custom mast structures and head frame designs to enhance your stadium - making it truly iconic.

We can also install the structures and floodlights, or assist you with specialist supervision. We travel to any continent to provide on-site assistance throughout the project, from design through installation to final commissioning.

The Challenger® series of floodlights is recognised the world over for being a leading sports lighting product. Challenger® provides incredible lighting performance, for players, spectators and broadcasters, as well as minimising the impact of obtrusive light for local communities and on the night sky.

Intelligent control and telescopic systems all make for a leading-edge sports lighting solution from Abacus.

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